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Who is I.D.E.A. Cleveland?

I  - Inman

Chris Inman has worked in the video/television industries for over twenty years, but his new adventure of opening I.D.E.A. Cleveland is the first time he has owned his own business.  As a business owner, you understand the thrill of developing your own brand. Chris has worked with so many of the area’s largest corporations, such as the Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Cavaliers, Goodyear Tire Company, and Signet, and you can still spot him on the sidelines working with the Cleveland Browns.  Throughout his time working with these large companies, he rarely worked with small business owners because they didn’t have the budget to hire the production companies that hired him.  As many of us faced a new challenge during the pandemic, so did Chris.  He decided to shift his efforts to help small business owners use video to generate quality leads to grow their businesses.  Why?  He looked around at his colleagues and realized that they were all making great videos for their clients, but was there any real-world ROI from these videos? Yes, large corporations can make a fancy website video for five to ten thousand dollars, but so many businesses can’t afford that.  Today, Chris helps small business owners leverage the benefits of using video in their marketing materials and balance the playing field with their large competitors.  Marketers use the phrase "Know, Like & Trust" often, but it is true.  Building a personal brand and a following will result in qualified leads and clients eager to work with YOU. Knowing, liking, and trusting someone are fundamental human emotions that drive our decisions. By building a personal brand, you can establish a connection with your audience and create a loyal following that will help grow your business.

D - Digital

Digital media is a generic word that many small business owners just do not fully know how to create and benefit from.  You made a Facebook account and a Twitter account when you built your website because whoever was making it asked.  But they have no value for the growth of your business.  Honestly, we meet with many who say they are a burden.  They don’t have the time to invest in something that isn’t making them any money.  They take hours to create a single post that doesn’t get any engagement.  Is this you?  Well, this is where we are here to help.  Let’s start with a goal. What should the goal of having these social media accounts be?  Is it for current clients to stay in touch, is it to share with the world how you are different and can help them, or is it to show the culture of your company in hopes of hiring top talent in your field?  Yes, all of these great goals have been achieved by many using social media.  Next is the budget.  Not just dollars but also time.  How much do you want to invest in social media?  There are so many services that can take this off your plate, but that leads to our third and most important aspect of how we are different.  We have a one-on-one strategy meeting with you every month to discuss how things are going.  What have your victories and losses been, and how can we all improve? Marketing isn’t an exact science, so if anyone guarantees anything through their marketing strategy, be skeptical.  Let's give your business a digital presence online together.

E - Envision

Envision a future of possibilities to grow your business.  Envision the possibilities of growing your personal brand.  Envision the possibilities where people are calling, emailing, and messaging you because they want to work with you.  This is what we want to start building with you.  Inbound marketing is a business methodology that attracts customers by creating valuable content and experiences tailored to them.   Our strategies are all based on the practices of content marketing.  Creating content that speaks directly to your ideal customers and even current customers establishes you as a helpful resource.  You will gain their trust through this content.   No one wants to be sold to.  We all know when we are being sold to as well.  With content marketing, you aren’t selling but just helping your customers be better.

A - Agency

We want to be your resource for content marketing.  We think starting with a video on top of your content creation has great value.  It has value because people like videos, but it is also easy to create new content from that video.  How?  Let’s give you the secret recipe for doing this.  We appreciate you reading our website, and we want to give back.  Record a conversation with a co-worker, client, or strategic partner about educating your ideal customers.  Key point EDUCATE!! Now upload that video to YouTube.  Add a great description and use keywords and hashtags.  Now, embed that video on your website.  Under the video, add a call to action... Book a meeting, sign up for our next webinar, or get our e-book.  Now, hopefully, you have them in your CRM system.  Now, let’s go back and upload the audio as a podcast.  People enjoy listening while walking their dogs, exercising, or driving.  You now have a platform to reach those people.  But how do you get people to watch and listen?  Social Media is a great way.  Take small portions of the video and turn them into social media videos, linking back to your homepage with the full video or podcast and asking them to subscribe.  We have more for you... there are services available that will transcribe the entire video for you. Turn that into a blog.  This helps your Google keyword search and attracts another set of people who like to read.  Do this twice a month and you will have plenty of content to grow your brand's image.

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We are proud to call The Land our home.  We are a part of the community and will help it be the best.  If you have a charitable organization that could use some assistance feel free to contact us.

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