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How To Become A Great Podcast Host

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Becoming a great podcast host is something every podcaster aspires to. However, the sad truth is that not everyone gets to that level. There are quite a few elements necessary for someone to become great at hosting a podcast. In this article, I’m going to show you how you can join the ranks of awesome podcast hosts!

· Prepare for every episode

There’s no getting around it. You need to do your homework if you want your audience to continue listening to your show. You don’t need to know your topic like the back of your hand, but it’s important to not sound like a blabbering idiot! You don’t want to lose face in front of your audience, so make sure you prepare for every episode and provide value to your listeners.

· Let your content shine

You can be a great and highly personable host, however, if your content sucks, then people are going to catch on real quick. Now, you don’t need to deliver 100% original content, but you do need to stand out from the crowd, especially if you’ve got a ton of competition in your niche. Give people a reason to continue listening to your show – consistently deliver high-quality content on every episode you publish.

· Sound confident and authentic

It’s a bit hard to portray yourself as an expert on your podcast when you’re clearly not. This is because people can easily pick up the uncertainty in your voice. This is why it’s important for you to pick a topic you know something about. If you’re making things up as you go along, people are going to call you out on it sooner or later. Podcasts allow people a more intimate look into who you are as a person, make sure you come across as someone they’d actually like.

· Build rapport and be courteous always

If you have guests over on your show, then you need to build rapport with them. You don’t want dead air on the show (though of course, you can edit it out later). If you don’t build any kind of rapport with your guests, your conversation or discussion is going to sound forced. Make your guests comfortable on your show. Don’t forget to thank them – and your listeners – for spending some time with you!

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