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How to Create a Content Plan for Your Business

Every entrepreneur should have a content plan. This is essentially an outline or strategy for the kind of content you are going to create, and the rough order in which you are going to publish it.

Simply writing as much content as you can for your website may help you to gain a little traction on Google, but it won’t have the best impact possible in terms of building brand authority and awareness.

So what makes a great content plan, and how do you develop one for your own site?

Start With Your Buyer Persona

This should start with your buyer persona. This is the fictional biography of your ideal visitor. You should know everything you can about who is reading your content, meaning that you need to understand their likes and dislikes, their hobbies, and the type of content they enjoy.

You should also have a mission statement for your brand, and an idea of the kind of person you want to appeal to.

In other words: what is your site about and who is it for? How are you going to express this through your content?

An additional tip is to now think outside of the confines you just set for yourself. Once you know who you have designed your content to appeal to most, you can begin to think about the other people it might also appeal to.

For instance, if you have a fitness brand, it might also appeal to martial artists, or maybe the paleo crowd (depending on how you are presenting yourself). How can you create content that will attract those other groups?

Types of Content

Another thing to recognize is that there are many different types of content, and each of them has important value to your brand.

Here are just some examples:

· News: If you publish news stories, you give people interested in your niche a good reason to check your site regularly. You will find it’s easier to gain exposure for your newest posts, and you may even have your content featured by Google.

· Evergreen content: The downside of news posts, is that they quickly become outdated and irrelevant. Evergreen content is content designed specifically to avoid this. These posts are designed to continue to be relevant months and years from the time you post them.

· Interviews: These posts have inherent interest and value to the fans of the person you are interviewing!

There are many more examples, but by combining different types of content in a plan, you can bring in all types of visitors.

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