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How to Write a Compelling Sales Script

Writing a compelling sales script is all about persuasion. The question is whether you can convince your audience that the product youíre promoting is interesting enough to look into further and whether you can compel them to ëconvertí by clicking the buy button there and then. The best strategy here is to employ a number of psychological strategies and if you get this right, youíll find itís almost impossible for your readers to turn away.

Here are some of the things you need to consider


As soon as your readers find your sales page, you need them to get hooked. They need to feel so engaged that they canít possibly turn away without buying and to do that, you need to grab them and reel them in right away.

One fantastic tool you can use to do this, is a narrative structure. In other words, you start your sales pitch like a story and then go on to expand on that story throughout the entirety of the piece. We are naturally inclined to listen to stories and find it very hard to cut them off mid-way. That makes this a highly effective strategy and one you should definitely use.

Social Proof

People are highly influenced by other people and if you can demonstrate that your product is successful and popular, then this can go a huge way to encouraging your audience to buy. Not only that, but social proof can help to remove the risk of buying a product from an unknown source.

Emotional Hook

To make any product all the more desirable and engaging, itís important to think about the emotional hook. In other words, what is it about your product that makes it truly desirable and makes people want to buy it? Ideally, you want to get your audience to picture owning it and to think about how much it will be able to help them in life.

Time Pressure

Finally, apply time-pressure and make sure that your audience buys right there and then. In other words, donít give them the option to go away and ëthink about ití, as the vast majority of purchases are impulsive. Give your audience a chance to think about what theyíre buying and theyíll be much more likely to decide itís not worth the money. Make them act quickly and theyíll act on the emotions youíve stirred up!

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