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The Video Marketing Platforms You Should Know

It's no secret that every Marketer needs some form of a platform to extend their reach and get their message across. This is why a video marketer needs to know about the various platforms. You need to keep up with what's trending and utilize a platform that targets your audience, specifically if you want to dominate video marketing.


Known as the 2nd most powerful search engine on the internet, YouTube is a phenomenal platform for a video marketer. With almost 5 billion videos watched on the daily and the use of YouTube advertisements, a marketer has a high chance of making it big.

However, you have to work on the way you form titles, tags, and video descriptions. The key to free exposure is within optimization, as you can use keywords that might just increase your chances of getting your video promoted on the search panel, video suggestions, and the YouTube homepage.

Just don’t forget that it requires interaction and engagement within the content if you want to attract the YouTube audience and dominate the video market.


Facebook has been around for a long time, and it is one of the most used social media platforms, with over 8 billion users. It has evolved into a huge platform and has often been seen to be used by many businesses for marketing.

The diversity in the Facebook world extends the maximization of getting content across. However, it works best for businesses that make their videos and brand outstanding with the color, themes, and images that you might post. You want to give a good impression so that viewers are more likely to view your videos.

Marketers that produce good content with quality are more likely to get good views on Facebook, just be sure to leave a good caption to catch your audience's attention. Furthermore, tagging other people or valued customers can always extend your contents reach. If followed correctly, Facebook can be a good outlet for a video marketer.


TikTok is one of the platforms on the tip of most people's tongues. Most importantly, it is seen as a platform with massive potential for marketing. With more than 800 million users, the platform also targets teens up to adults aged 30. So it has a very direct target audience. If your content is reflective of the audience's requirements on TikTok, you may very well thrive as a video marketer.

Furthermore, you can work with other influencers and pay TikTok to advertise your content, which seems like an ideal platform for a video marketer. It may not be seen as a market yet, but the potential it holds to promote content is immense for a marketer.


When you have influencers like Gary Vee saying that Snapchat is the next big platform for marketing, it makes you think. With over 229 million users and users usually aged 13 to 35, it makes it easier for targeting a specific audience.

Snapchat works in a way that your content fills the user's screen, so you can easily grip the attention of the user. Each video lasts 10 seconds; however, you can use stories that just limit you to 10-second scenes, meaning you can have continuous videos that last for 24 hours.

This platform personalizes your work by showing a behind the scenes vibe. It helps keep your audience updated continuously, which leaves a good impression on your audience.


Without a doubt, Instagram is very in with celebrities and other major businesses. It consists of 1 billion active users, and it's all about that visual aspect with a level of aesthetic and artistic creativity.

Instagram can be a mixture of pictures and videos that last about 60 seconds. However, when it comes to marketing, you can further make use of hashtags and captions, which can categorize your videos and possibly upload your videos to the Instagram search page, which can increase your chances of your content being found.

You are also granted the options of disappearing stories and IGTV, which allows you to have longer videos. So you can keep your audience up to date, and you can also tease them with other content or products which further entice them.

This platform can be very useful for a marketer if used correctly with the help of keywords, quality content, and regular posting as it extends the reach of your video marketing.


LinkedIn may not be well known as a social media platform, but it very much is a form of social media meant for interacting and engaging. The only difference is, it is mainly used for professionals and the business world to communicate and develop relationships.

LinkedIn is a significant platform in the marketing world that can get you to interact with other businesses and influencers of which they can always share and help support you, once you establish a relationship. You can also target a specific audience and have more chances of communicating with potential clients and customers.

Just remember to create 30-second videos with subtitles and topical hashtags. Always try to be engaging and make sure your viewers have a reason to stay. LinkedIn can help broaden a video marketer's world if they utilize it correctly, which will help increase their marketing horizon.

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