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Why Your Business Should Start Using Video

The internet provides a huge range of different marketing opportunities for businesses and site owners and really makes it possible for someone who has the ambition and the time to compete with large businesses that have superior resources. When many people think of web marketing however, they tend to focus purely on SEO and perhaps PPC advertising - not looking at the bigger picture and the other possibilities that the web provides for getting a message across.

One area that often gets neglected for instance is video, which has a number of great advantage when it comes to engaging a large audience and making a statement.

Creating video lets you create more interactive social media Stories, it lets you create explainers for your sales pages, and it lets you market through YouTube. This is HUGE.

The MASSIVE Benefits of Using Video You Are Missing Out On

Did you know for instance that YouTube is actually the second most used search engine on the web? Not Bing, and not Yahoo! - YouTube. At the same time though, while there are billions of videos online, there still aren't as many videos as there are articles meaning that there's a lot less competition.

Likewise, video has a lot of advantages due to its medium - how often do you read a 'catchy' article? And how much more likely are you to watch a video through to the end compared to a long piece of written marketing hype? Just think about all those nights you stayed up watching trashy TV – that’s how hard it can be to look away from a good video.

Another huge advantage of video is that it allows you to show your personality in a big way. While you might be able to convey a little tone of voice and some opinion via an article or written post, there is nothing quite like actually seeing someone talk in the flesh complete with all their quirks. This is another reason that Social Media Stories are so powerful – when someone has seen the business owner talk to them, they feel almost as though they know them. And then they are much more likely to want to invite them into their home to do their plumbing!

Conversely though, video also has the potential to look far more professional and polished – and this can build trust in the opposite way. Think about it: literally anyone can create a website. There is almost zero up-front investment required and tools like WordPress make it supremely easy. Having a website is in no way impressive.

BUT if you can create highly polished, beautiful video, then that suggests that your business has at least a certain amount of resources to be able to pull that off. That suggests that you are ‘big leagues’ and that you’ll be able to apply the same polish and sheen to your other endeavors.

Too many business owners are afraid to use video because they’re afraid to go in front of the camera. In short? It’s time to get over that!

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