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Enhance Your Market Value through Controversy

One of the most powerful ways to become a recognized expert in your industry is to confront controversies head on. That's right. Instead of turning around and running in the opposite direction because you don't want to go out on a limb and take controversial positions, take full advantage of controversy.

Don't get me wrong. Regardless of how seemingly harmless and innocent or esoteric your niche is, you can bet that there will always be areas for disagreement. This comes with the territory. After all, you are engaging in an activity that involves human beings.

Last time I checked whenever there are at least two human beings in a room, there is always the possibility of disagreement. People will always fail to see eye to eye at least on certain issues. Instead of thinking that this is a negative and trying to avoid it as much possible, look at it look for what it is. There are endless possibilities and opportunities for disagreements both big and small. Controversy is always lurking around the corner.

It is an opportunity because any kind of controversy is really an opportunity for you to speak up and demonstrate to the rest of the world why you are an expert. You break down why you view certain things about your industry a certain way. This doesn’t mean that people would have to agree with you.

However, when you take this opportunity, you let it be known to anybody watching that you really know your stuff because for people to develop a truly informed position on any kind of controversy and in any kind of niche, they really have to know what they're talking about. At the very least, they need to have the same familiarity with the topics that they are approaching like the familiarity that they have with the back of their hand.

That's how familiar you should be. That's how on top of your game you should be. If you engage in respectful, fact-driven and results-oriented debates about certain controversial topics in your industry, niche or area of focus, you're going to stand out. Why?

All the other self-proclaimed experts and recognized gurus are actually too busy scrambling for the hills. You, on the other hand, are courageous because you are one of the few voices who decided to confront the controversy head on. This makes you look good. At the very least, it makes you look like a million bucks because you're not turning tail and running in the opposite direction.

You can see that there are controversies in your field. You can see that there are areas for improvement and disagreement. Instead of using this as some point of division or a reason for some sort of a professional hopelessness, you speak up and you let your voice be heard.

This can be a powerful way to promote your expertise. Don't be surprised if your brand becomes more famous because you decided to stand up to controversies.

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